Author Topic: a few minor flaws in latest iso  (Read 1957 times)

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a few minor flaws in latest iso
« on: 18.11.2009, 16:44:06 »
I'm playing around with ff 2009.2 (US-20091116.iso), full install on SD card, and there seem to be a few broken scripts/links, not only the umts-connect (fixed by upgrading).

"Change panel" doesn't work from start menu, and neither does "Users/Rootpasswords".

There are also a few remnants of German in the start menu entries, e.g.

"PcManFM Dateimanager" instead of "PCManFM file manager",
"Openbox Einstellungen" instead of "Openbox configuration"
"Dateien/Verzeichnisse suchen" instead of "Find files/folders"

But all the important stuff seems to work as stable and well as always :)
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Re:a few minor flaws in latest iso
« Reply #1 on: 18.11.2009, 17:00:04 »
This will be fixed in the next snapshot, thank you for pointing out!

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